Talit Sale for Men & Women’s Talits

The largest and most exquisite source of talits for sale online. First of all, we specialize in the highest quality of talits made beautifully by artists and in quality by the best Israeli manufacturer’s in the world. Each talit is guaranteed to be high quality and one hundred percent kosher. Choose from a varied selection of materials such as wool, viscose (wool look and feel alike material), cotton, in addition to an array of synthetics such as jacquard material which allow for subtle designs in the material weave itself. Hence a complete selection of materials.

Tzitzit Options on your Talit

Especially relevant is that you may also choose how you want the tzizit (strings on the corners) tied and if techelet blue strings is requested. Jews from Europe, known as ashkenaz,  tie their talit tzitzit in their own ashkenaz minhag while North African Jews known as sephardim tie it differently. Furthermore, there are other groups such as chabad and those that follow the great Ari”zl who had their kabbalistic traditions from Rav Yitzchak Luria and The Baal Shem Tov. Therefore, whatever your preference, we’ll tie them for you on site in thick or thin 100% kosher tzitzit, in any style nusach of your choice, and with all the specifics of halachic standards. Whatever your halachic requirement we’ll do it Mehudar.

Personalize Your Talit

Finally, in addition we custom embroider your talit in beautiful custom embroidery the way you want it. Choose thread, color and font to embroider your name or special text such a Torah (Bible) phrase across the back, below the neckband, on a corner or as typically done on a gorgeous velvet bag of your choice. In conclusion, don’t settle for less, as our talit store is the only place you need to get your order exactly the way you want it in superb quality, selection and customer service. Compare this service with any other on or offline and therefore, rather than compromising, get the best in price , selection , value right here. In conclusion, accessorize your tallit with clips, specialized neckband , custom inscription, custom tzitzit tying, most of all with our price guarantee since all our merchandise is direct from factory and hand personalized on premises.